IT-driven systems of governance, work better, cost lesser, and service the needs of citizens in accordance to changing times. The advent of the internet has allowed citizens to demand for better services by providing several inputs to the government’s policy-making processes. Governments worldwide are striving to become more responsive and citizen centric by aligning their services to the dynamic needs of citizens and stakeholders. Rapid changes in the IT industry has therefore fostered a shift in focus from the traditional process of just providing feedback to the process of creating, storing, disseminating and using information. Our extensive experience of working with various government departments in Africa, has given us a distinctive advantage to design, develop, and implement various tailor-made e-governance initiatives. Virtuell Tech offers e-Governance-related products and services that allows the interaction between the government and citizens, the government and business enterprises, and inter-agency relationships to be more convenient, cost-effective, and transparent.