Health Care

Our healthcare applications, such as the Personal Health Tracker, have proved to be Immensely useful for providers of healthcare. It is also worth noting that our automotive solutions like The Red Bumper application have helped the automobile industry to scale new peaks of customer Satisfaction and profitability through innovative and intuitive inventory management. Last but not the Least, our travel applications for tour operators have facilitated the design and sale of more economical And affordable holiday tours and packages. Virtuell Tech HealthCare Management solutions are designed to enhance safety and efficiency of operational performance at all levels of HealthCare process, ensuring you to provide Quality service which improves safety of the patient, connecting patients to Doctor, minimize risk of Human errors in lab, reduce accidental deaths, periodic alerts about shortage of nurses, increase in productivity by serving Maximum number of patients and at the same time improving quality of service provided.




Virtuell technology assists utility management serving commercial and residential areas, our mobile application needs no additional cost and provides 24/7 data access to its customers. Data can be reviewed compared with previous bills, versus current utilization, to ensure effective energy utilization, you can get connected, update, with latest offers, and information effectively on mobile which as a result increases communication & relationship with your customers. Our team of programmers and developers develop these utility applications in consultation with some of the most renowned names in the industry. Understanding the aspects of the industry and requirements from the industry experts, the software and utility applications are designed and rigorously tested for their effectively, efficiency and performance. Using a number of other techniques the products as well as tools, the assessment of productivity can be easily managed. Overall, our customized products can be used for increasing both utility and productivity. They can be made to order for proprietary as well as other uses and can be used in mobiles and other handheld devices seamlessly as well as across a number of other platforms.