Virtuell Technologies ensure customers to monitor their business continually and remotely through online portals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. BPO – Virtuell is a leader in providing end to end Quality BPO Services with value added Voice and transaction based services to achieve best expected results. By combining Services with in-depth domain Knowledge, Virtuell provides you Business focused solutions fit to your strategic goals.


Health Care

Virtuell Technologies end-to-end BPO services help health care industry to maximize their profitability and productivity, ensuring complete compliance to HIPPA, HMO, PPO, state healthcare, medical-claims and medical entities.


Virtuell gauges in its totality of the challenges in Advancement of technology, globalization, competition, mergers and acquisitions that have wholesomely changed the face of telecommunication industry. Virtuell Technologies BPO services envelop ISPs, wireless service providers, network equipment vendors, convergent companies, network carriers and wholesale IP service providers.




Virtuell Technologies BPO Company’s package for insurance companies focuses on managing operational and regulatory risks that are faced by offshore customers and helps insurers to standardize, simplify, automate and achieve high performance and profits with minimum upfront capital investment.


  • Maintenance of customer data
  • Maintenance of process transactions
  • Risk assessment and action




  • Clinical Data Management
  • Safety Narrative & Medical Writing
  • Drug Safety and Surveillance